President - Bruce Graham
Vice-President - Charles "Chuck" Schmidt
Chair - Demetrius Young
Treasurer - John Wilbert
Secretary - Bob Durgin

General questions and inquiries to the Board of Directors should be sent to:

Matters requiring a meeting of the Board of Directors will be added to the agenda of the next meeting.

Tips for Engaging the POA Board of Directors

  1. Sending email to the board? Please always use instead of board member personal addresses.
  2. There are categories of issues which are not under jurisdiction of the POA Board of Directors, such as:
    • Streets and streetlights - Report to: York County
      Note: Street lights have an identifying number on each pole accompanied by a phone number to call to report issues.
    • Property line disputes - Report to: York County
    • Vehicle moving violations - Report to: York County Sheriff
    • Permit violations are not the purview of the Board. Contact York County Permit and Planning for questions relating to Permits.
  3. All Covenant Violation concerns must be submitted using the form here: Covenant Concerns
  4. All Maintenance Requests must be submitted using the form here: Maintenance Requests
  5. Call/text board member mobile phones only for urgent issues that cannot wait for email responses.