The legendary Catawba River originates in the regal mountains of North Carolina, and it meanders through a series of lakes and free flowing stretches for hundreds of miles. Named after the Catawba Indian tribe, its name translates to River People. The Catawba Indians and their ancestors lived in the river valley for more than 10,000 years. They called themselves, Yap Ye Iswa, or People of the River. As the river offered them the gift of clay, the Indian tribe learned to mold and shape the clay into artistic treasures. Their stunning pottery is now honored at the Smithsonian Institute.

Catawba Shores Estates is less than a half hour from Charlotte, North Carolina. This city, aglow with southern hospitality, is first rate for arts, sciences, and historical attractions. Boasting fine dining, shopping, and top-of-the-line entertainment, it truly offers a plethora of culturally rich and fun adventures.

Catawba Shores Estates