The Architecture Review Committee (ARC) is comprised of Catawba Shores Estates residents on a volunteer basis.

The mission is for the ARC is to review new construction, home improvements, additions, landscaping, fences, sheds and any other structure(s) to be built in the community in order to ensure it meets the standards set forth in accordance to the by-laws and covenants of Catawba Shores Estates.

The approval process is a formal review of the property owners' house and landscape plans and/or other additions intended to be built on a Catawba Shores Estates lot. The process will consist of ARC members' detailed review and approval recommendation to the Catawba Shores Estates Property Owners Association Board of Directors.

Lot owners are responsible to advise their respective builder/contractor of this fact.  IMPORTANT - It is the responsibility of future home owners to present their house and landscape plans or intended addition or structure to be built to the ARC.  It is the intent of the ARC to ensure set standards are met and increase value for the community owners without hindrance.

The current ARC members are:

  1. Joe Lanzo
  2. Ed Harris
  3. Kathie King
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